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ProbateThe death of a loved one or family member can be a very difficult and stressful time. Our experienced attorneys can help you avoid that stress by doing all the work. If you have probate or estate settlement needs, King Law Offices can help. With fairness and compassion, we will help you and your family members settle the distribution of your deceased family member's estate, whether he or she left a will or not.

Based in Madison, King Law Offices, LLC, serve clients throughout central and southern Wisconsin, as well as clients out of state who have estate administration needs in Wisconsin. Our probate attorney collects the property and income of a person who has passed away and pays any remaining taxes, claims, or debts. He can also answer your questions about the process and your responsibilities.

Protecting Your Interests In The Probate Process

As an experienced probate lawyer, attorney Richard Wm. King can help you settle disputes among survivors and distribute remaining property to heirs, including the transfer of property titles.

If written well, a will is difficult to contest in probate court. Our objective is to honor the intent set forth in a legal will. If you or someone else disputes an existing will, we will help you work through informal probate proceedings.

Our probate attorneys also handle probate cases involving summary procedures, transfer by affidavit, and informed probate.

Be Proactive

At King Law Offices, we encourage clients to be proactive about estate planning, clearly defining their final wishes by establishing trusts, wills and powers of attorney. By planning ahead, probate can be avoided or made easier later on.

However, when the need for a probate attorney arises, King Law Offices has the experience to guide you and your family through the legal process of probate administration. Give us a call at 608-620-7285 to discuss how we can help you with estate settlement needs, whether you are the personal representative or a trustee. Or, if you prefer, complete our online form.

Settling An Estate

Everyone who owns property needs a will. If a valid will is lacking, a probate estate must be distributed according to the laws of intestacy — a distribution that may or may not bear little relationship to actual family needs or desires.

Estate settlement involves a demanding, complex set of tasks. The results depend upon the experience, skills and judgment of those you designate to handle the job.

The personal representative you name in your will is responsible for safeguarding the assets of your estate, for paying debts, for collecting assets of the estate, and for filing estate and income tax returns. Your personal representative must decide what to sell to pay taxes and estate expenses and what to hold for distribution to the beneficiaries or to trusts established for their benefit.

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