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Choosing The Right Business Entity

Choosing your Entity

Starting and operating a small business is for many people part of fulfilling the American dream. At King Law Offices, LLC, we are here to help you make that dream come true. We offer comprehensive business formation services to help you choose the entity that is right for the type of business venture you are embarking upon.

Since 1983, we have been helping individuals throughout Wisconsin with all of their business law and business formation needs. Our primary objective is to help you choose an entity that will allow your business to grow and thrive. To discuss your business formation needs, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation today: 608-620-7285.

What Are Your Business Formation Options?

Our Madison firm is well-equipped to help you choose the business model that is right for you. We routinely help clients form:

  • Limited liability companies (LLC)
  • Professional limited liability companies (PLLC)
  • S corporations
  • Partnership agreements
  • C corporations
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Closely held companies

We will discuss your business objectives and goals when trying to assess what type of business is the right fit for your business plan. Additionally, our experienced business law attorney can explain the tax consequences of each kind of business. We will also evaluate the assets the company is going to hold, how many members will comprise the entity and how to plan if you want to expand the company later.

Once we have selected the ideal model for your venture, we will draft the necessary documents and register you with the appropriate financial institutions. We will also file the requisite articles of incorporation or organization to make sure you are legally compliant with all state laws and regulations.

Helping You Handle Business Transactions, Disputes And Litigation

We are also available to assist you with all your legal needs during the lifetime of your business, including contract drafting and document review. We will assist you with negotiating sales and partnerships with vendors, customers and clients. Should a dispute arise, we will represent you and attempt to end it efficiently and cost-effectively. We can also help you wind down business affairs and guide you through the dissolution process if you decide to end the business, sell your share to another partner or sell the business to someone else.

Get The Legal Advice You Need

Contact us for the personal service and professional legal advice you need when pursuing your business formation and operation needs. Call 608-620-7285 or complete our online form.