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Will An LLC Work For You?


At King Law Offices, LLC, our business is to help your business succeed throughout the lifetime of its operation. We know that one of the biggest decisions business owners make is deciding how the company will take shape and picking the business model that fits their needs.

Our Madison firm is familiar with all types of businesses, but we have seen a surge in popularity of the limited liability company (LLC) model. The reason is that LLCs are used to limit the liability of their members and offer attractive benefits for small businesses and many types of business ventures. To learn more about LLCs and how we can help you form one, please call our office today and schedule a consultation.

The Benefits Of An LLC In Wisconsin

The LLC model can often help a small business look more professional. This can be especially advantageous for single-member corporations. We sometimes help clients form an LLC for the purpose of executing particular types of real estate transactions. LLCs are also used as an estate planning tool to help control, manage and distribute large amounts of your wealth while you are alive. This method also helps avoid many tax consequences that would be realized through the traditional allocations process of probate.

More importantly, under current partnership law, in an LLC, the profits and losses of the company can flow through the members directly or you can elect to have them treated as corporate earnings and debts for tax purposes. By understanding your business objectives and goals, our lawyer will counsel you effectively about the tax options that will best fit your situation.

We will help you form an LLC, file the articles of organization and draft a business plan that takes into account many potential issues that may arise. We believe in forming strong, personal bonds with our clients so that they feel comfortable turning to us for any business law needs, including resolving disputes or initiating dissolution.

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