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Zealous Representation For Probate Disputes

Losing a loved one and dealing with the estate afterward is an emotional and difficult time. If all involved do not agree on the decedent’s last wishes, it adds another level of anxiety. Our highly competent estate planning attorney at King Law Offices, LLC, in Madison, can bring a sense of relief to your situation, knowing that you have a skilled probate litigator in your corner. We offer thorough probate dispute resolution that strives to achieve your most favorable results.

Guidance For Contesting A Will

When there is a dispute with an estate, you need a deeply-experienced probate litigation attorney on your side. With more than 35 years of experience, our probate lawyer is familiar with estate and trust laws and provides diligent legal guidance to those seeking to contest a will. We assist clients in a variety of probate dispute situations, including:

  • Executors/personal representatives who do not act in accordance to a last will and testament
  • A party who has improperly influenced a decedent to change a will right before death
  • Children receiving disproportionate shares
  • Valuation disputes and accountings
  • Quarrels over the executor

The last thing you want is to argue with family. Let us handle the legal work and make sure your rights are protected. Our deep understanding of legal requirements, rules and procedures can work to resolve all types of probate matters. We can also prepare and file your loved one’s final tax information.

We Can Assist In Resolving Probate Issues – Contact Us Now

Count on our compassionate yet aggressive lawyer to assist you with a will or trust claim and throughout the probate administration process. Call our office in Wisconsin today at 608-620-7285 or inquire online to set up an initial consultation.