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Why Every Adult Should Have An Estate Plan

It doesn’t matter how young or old or in between you are, you need an estate plan.

To be sure, your needs change with age and family circumstances. But no matter what your specific situation is now, there are basic documents you should be sure to get in place — or run the risk of not having your values and preferences honored if you get in an accident or become incapacitated in some other way.

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So What Documents Do You Need?

For starters, keep in mind that if you don’t have a will, you don’t have control about where your property will go when you die. Of course, this is especially important when you have children. But whether you have kids or not, you don’t want your property passing by intestacy laws in ways that might diverge from your own preferences.

Trusts are also an important vehicle for expressing these preferences and guiding the transfer of wealth. In many cases, it is also advisable to put a financial power of attorney in place.

Attorney Richard Wm. King can help you use estate planning strategically, starting with a will that reflects your values and preferences and including the appropriate use of trusts. You should also have a living will (also called a health care directive) and a health care proxy (medical power of attorney) so that key health care decisions aren’t made arbitrarily if you cannot make them for yourself.

Taking Action That Makes Sense For You And Your Family’s Future

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