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Experienced Assistance With Real Estate Law

Real EstateBuying or selling a home or commercial property is among the most significant transactions that most people will ever make. Make sure your move is a wise one and your new property lives up to its potential as an investment. At King Law Offices, LLC, our real estate attorney will give you the legal advice you need to make an informed decision. At King Law Offices, LLC, in Madison, Wisconsin, we help our clients make legally sound decisions when buying or selling a home or commercial property. We scrutinize each purchase or sales agreement with your interests in mind, and we advise you on the need for surveys, inspections, contingencies and more.

What Type Of Real Estate Issue Are You Facing?

Our real estate attorney will keep in close contact with you during your real estate transaction, whether it is residential real estate or commercial real estate, including transactions involving a sale by owner. Do not sign a purchase agreement or offer that you do not fully understand. We will answer your questions to ensure that you are making an informed decision.

Our real estate attorney can draft and review purchase and sale agreements and land contracts related to farms and businesses. We work with title companies to establish a clear title prior to the completion of the transaction. We will help you get the proper inspections necessary and the required surveys needed to confirm property boundaries.