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Help With Residential Real Estate Matters

Residential Real Estate

With over 30 years’ real estate experience, our Madison attorney can help you with real estate transactions that include:

  • Residential sale or purchase
  • Business purchase, sale or lease
  • Farm purchase, sale or lease
  • Vacant land

Attorney Richard King has been serving Wisconsin clients in real estate transactions for many years. We encourage you to give our firm a call today to discuss your goals and challenges.

This article in the New York Times discusses the phenomenon of the website FSBOMadison.com and the fact that sellers are getting as good a price on their own as when they use Realtors. By using FSBOMadison.com, many people do the heavy lifting of the sale of their house themselves. Also, many potential buyers find houses online in the privacy of their own homes.

What Role Should A Real Estate Agent Play?

Good real estate agents provide many services like accessing the multiple listing service, arranging showings and open houses, advising on curb appeal, providing strength in negotiating with builders and tapping into a wide network. In fact, evidence shows that a house sells a bit quicker when it is listed with a real estate agent. But especially in Madison, it is a serious choice whether to use one or not.

Whether or not you have a real estate agent, it is a good idea to have an attorney review or draft all of your paperwork in this important area. For example, in a residential sale, there are:

  • Real estate agency and listing agreements
  • Standard form offers with many possible options
  • Standard and nonstandard addenda to the offer
  • Real estate condition reports
  • Counteroffers and countertactics
  • Inspectors and inspection reports
  • Tests (radon, lead paint, asbestos)
  • Title insurance or an abstract of title
  • Loan documentation and mortgages
  • How to title real estate (as a married couple, as tenants in common, in an LLC, etc.)
  • Closing statements
  • Tax consequences
  • Confusion and hustle of the closing

We can take the legal worry out of real estate transactions and guide you through with experience and confidence. If you are buying, selling, leasing or developing, please call us for a quote.

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